How to Win at Razz Poker

How to Win at Razz Poker

In Play Razz Poker to Win you’ll find the most profitable
strategies based on the latest simulation tools and actual play.

is not as simple as the best hand versus best draw.

into action.

You can be a consistent winner at Razz poker starting today

Buy Play Razz Poker to Win today and every time you sit down to play Razz you will be a favorite to leave a winner. Can you say that for any other poker game?
“After reading the book and tweaking my play I got to my goal of $600 within 3-4 days.

Once I hit $600 I was able to move up to the 2/4 table and moved up to $750.”
-Bickmat’s Razz Poker Blog
“Bottom line: if you play razz or HORSE this is definitely a book you will want to read if only for the reason that some of your opponents will be reading it.

(And that goes for you, Phil Hellmuth!)”
-Dennis L., Amazon Top 50 Reviewer
My friend pepperman7 on Full Tilt bought me your razz book and it improved my game a lot! I even placed in the top 20 of the FTOPS event last night!
“I would recommend it for beginners, as well as intermediate players, especially for the Starting Hand Points System.”
-Brickin the Nutz Razz Blog

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